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Food Dehydrators - A Comparison

  • Choosing the right dehydrator will make your health and wellness journey a breeze.

Food dehydration is one of the oldest and most effective forms of food preservation. Dehydrating removes moisture from the food, leaving behind an enhanced flavor and nutrients. This simple and affordable technique allows foods to last for months or even years without refrigeration and without the need to use preservatives or additives.


If you’re a gardener or have ever picked fruit, you know that having an affordable and fast way to preserve foods is important. Owning a dehydrator is an economic solution. But with so many models and different options on the market, how can you be certain that you’ll choose one that’s right for you and your family’s needs?

If you’re in the market for a dehydrator, here’s a look at some of the most popular models that are currently available. Find out which one is the best option for you – and start dehydrating your fruits and vegetables today!


A Look at Dehydrators

Dehydrators are extremely practical devices. These gadgets allow you to preserve everything from fruits – including apples, grapes, plums, pineapple, pears, berries, bananas, cherries and even melons – to vegetables – such as carrots, beets, greens, onions and peas. Not to mention you can use them to make healthy crackers, biscuits and chips. You can even spread pureed fruits onto trays to dehydrate them into fruit leather.

For many, the ability to transform bulk items into long-lasting, delicious foods makes these devices indispensable. They’re also ideal machines for those who enjoy hiking, camping, cycling or other outdoor activities – and need fast, nutrient-dense snacks on-the go. Moreover, they’re perfect for people who are eating raw or are trying to incorporate more fruits into their diet.


While dehydrators are an excellent tool to own, these devices can vary considerably in terms of quality, durability and usability. Let’s look at some of the popular options that are available now, and see how they stack up.

  • 1. BioChef Food Dehydrator.


    Trays: 8

    Wattage: 800W

    Drying System: Parallex Drying System

    Warranty: 3 year domestic

    Temperature Range: 29 – 68 Degrees C

    Non-Stick: Sold seperately

    Built-In Timer: 40-hour digital timer

    Price: $269

BioChef Dehydrators are one of the few affordable dehydrators in the world to feature stainless steel trays. The trays are also dishwasher-safe and can handle acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus without a problem. This device also includes an adjustable thermostat, a digital timer and a transparent door to make it easy to check on the foods during the cycle. And trust us, that small feature will come in handy!

  • 2. Ezidri Ultra FD1000.


    Trays: 5 Trays

    Wattage: 1000W

    Drying System: Vertical drying system

    Warranty: 2 years

    Temperature Range: 30 – 63 Degrees C

    Non-Stick: Sold separately

    Built-In Timer: Can be left overnight

    Price: $379

The Ezidri Ultra FD1000 features an adjustable thermostat, one solid sheet, one mesh sheet and a detailed recipe and instruction book. The unique airflow pattern means no tray rotation and fast, even drying.

  • 3. Excalibur 2900 Dehydrator.


    Trays: 9 BPA-free trays

    Wattage: 600W

    Drying System: Parallex drying system

    Warranty: 5 year Domestic and 1 year Commercial

    Temperature Range: 29 – 68 Degrees C

    Non-Stick: 1 x non-stick sheet

    Built-In Timer: 26-hour digital timer

    Price: $425

The Excalibur 2900 Dehydrator features 9 BPA-free trays. It’s ideal for drying large quantities and is able to handle up to 18kg at a time – this is great especially if you are a gardener or if you are determined to preserve large quantities of produce for the cold winter months. This dehydrator features a temperature range of 29-68 C, one non-stick sheet and a built-in 26-hour digital timer.

  • 4. Sedona Dehydrator.


    Trays: 9 Trays

    Wattage: 600W

    Drying System: Dual fan technology

    Warranty: 5 year domestic

    Temperature Range: 30 – 68 Degrees C

    Non-Stick: Sold separately

    Built-In Timer: 99 hours

    Price: $695

The Sedona Dehydrator features an overheat protection feature to prevent raw food from being overheated – this is a very interesting spec especially if you are following a strict raw food diet. The appliance also includes a built-in timer that can be set for up to 99 hours and boosts a dual fan technology – this allows you to operate each of the two 300-watt computer-controlled fans and heating elements together or independently. Other features include a clear glass door, a LED light display and a detachable power cord. It’s also considered to be a quiet machine compared to the other ones on this list.

  • 5. Optimum P200 10-Tray Dehydrator.


    Trays: 10 BPA-free trays

    Wattage: 800W

    Drying System: Parallex drying system

    Warranty: 3 year domestic (optional 5-year ) or 1 year commercial

    Temperature Range: 29 – 68 Degrees C

    Non-Stick: Yes

    Built-In Timer: 40-hour digital timer

    Price: $399


The Optimum P200 Food Dehydrator is specially designed to cater to the demands of a busy household interested in health, wellness and nutritious meals. This dehydrator is available as a six or ten-tray system, so you can choose the option that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Both versions feature an efficient Parallex drying system that provides efficient and even airflow. The easy-to-use and versatile design is equipped with a 40-hour digital timer, adjustable thermostat and comprehensive drying guide. It’s also easy to clean the non-stick surface and mesh sheets - a custom cleaning brush is included in the package to make the job even easier for you.

The brand Optimum has been a global leader for many years in offering high-speed domestic and commercial blenders, juicers, dehydrators and multifunctional kitchen appliances. Quality and efficiency are values they care about and they’ve spent years researching and improving their products in this regard.

Choosing the Right One

If you need to dry larger amounts of foods, then you’ll want to choose from models with a larger drying surface and that allow a bigger number of trays. The Optimum P200 Food Dehydrator is definitely the workhorse in this category, with a 10-tray option powered by 800W. It’s also a good idea to consider portability if you plan to move or store the device in between drying times, so make sure your dehydrator is not taking over half of your kitchen. Another important consideration is noise - you can usually check with the manufacturer to get an idea about the noise level of the machine. Finally, many dryers have trays that can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher –a handy time-saving feature.

Based on the above comparison, our recommendation is that you purchase the Optimum P200 Food Dehydrator. The Optimum brand, which distributes high-end kitchen appliances in over 40 countries, is a trusted provider of blenders, juicers, dehydrators and multifunctional kitchen appliances.

The Optimum P200 Food Dehydrator offers superior power, a bigger number of trays and an extended warranty. Moreover, at $399, the price tag is affordable – so you won’t have to break the bank to buy that one.

If you want more information about the product or Optimum’s industry leading warranty, visit their website, where you can also find recipes made with the P200 by Optimum’s partners worldwide.

Final thoughts

There are a number of different dehydrators available, but they vary in terms of features, size, price tag and what they have to offer. Make sure you find one that will fit your needs as well as your budget and then start creating healthy dried snacks that you can easily store, or bring with you on-the-go!


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